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Orla Kiely for Uniqlo

I've long admired Orla Kiely's clothing and accessories.  The main collection is fantastic, but a bit out of my price range, hence why I am so excited about the Orla Kiely pieces currently available at Uniqlo!  My favorite piece (at just $19.90) is the turtleneck with stem design (pictured on the top row below).  We don't have a Uniqlo in Denver - has anyone seen these pieces in person?   

All images credit to Uniqlo and Orla Kiely.


Coin All-in-One Credit Card

I'm totally intrigued by the new credit card consolidation device Coin.  Coin is designed to look and function like the plastic cards we all carry, but instead of carrying multiple cards, you just carry one!  Using the one Coin card, you can choose which of your pre-loaded cards to use for each transaction - so you can use your business card when you are at a work lunch, your personal card for dinner with friends, and your debit card at the ATM.  The card offers convenience, a lighter wallet, and security features.  Check out a video about it on the Coin website.

Your existing cards are linked to Coin by using the Coin app, taking a photo of the cards, and swiping them through a device that attaches to your smartphone (the device looks a bit like Square).  Coin links to your smartphone and needs to be used with a Bluetooth connection to your phone.  For example, if you leave the card somewhere, your smartphone alerts you that your Coin isn't within range and it deactivates the card so it can't be used.  

Coin is currently available for pre-order for $55 and won't ship until Summer 2014.  There are still a lot of unknowns since Coin isn't actually available for purchase, but what a concept.  This CNN article points out a few potential problems with Coin... we'll see next summer! 


Hopewell Workshop

In the September Sunset magazine, an absolutely beautiful quilt was pictured from Hopewell Workshop, a design studio owned by Eliza Kenan and Claire Oswalt out of L.A.  We aren't in the market for new bedding, but I love the colors and patterns of the quilts (especially those large watercolor circles and the stripes in the upper left).  Perhaps the napkins and coasters instead?  What do you think of these designs?  All images credit to Hopewell Workshop.


Kitchen Papers

If you are looking for a fun way to brighten up your table during the upcoming holiday season, check out Kitchen Papers, which makes a variety of paper products that are perfect for dressing up your dining room table.  I usually use a tablecloth, but I love the idea of paper placemats or, even better, a fancy table runner.  You can even customize a number of the designs via Paper Source, which with some advance planning would be perfect for a birthday party or special occasion.  I love the festive gold confetti and the pinecones and the peony blossom would be perfect with my china.  Has anyone used these before?  If there is a Paper Source near you, they carry a few designs in the store as well.

Images credit to Kitchen Papers and Paper Source.


Sideshow Press

I love the old school references ("Skip to my Lou") and outdoorsy, woodsy design and messaging ("Blaze Your Trail") on these cards by Sideshow Press, a letterpress studio operating since 2004 in Charleston, South Carolina.  The cards are a little pricey, but the messages couldn't be better! And you could seal the envelopes the quirky arrow tape pictured below.  All images credit to Sideshow Press.

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