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Toymail Co.


Rob and I watched a video for the coolest new product for kids called Toymail, a line of miniature plastic mailboxes with animal faces that enable parents, relatives, etc. (anyone with the Toymail app) to send a recorded message to the kiddo who owns one of the Toymail animals.  Kids can respond directly from the Toymail animal (which is WiFi enabled) and the animal makes a funny noise (a snort, a whinny or a wheeze) to announce that a message has been received.  

I'm not explaining Toymail that well, so check out the video below and check out the profile of Gauri Nanda, one of the product designers behind Toymail in the NY Times.  Toymail raised money to launch the project on Kickstarter and you can now order a mailman online!  When you download the app, you get 10 free "stamps" per month (e.g., messages) or you can buy a book of 50 stamps for $0.99.  The mailmen run on 4 AA batteries, which should allow for a year of normal use.


Andy & Evan

This WSJ article introduced me to a super cute line of "formal" clothes for little boys called Andy & Evan.  The company's tag line is "for little gentlemen," which I love.  I'm certain that the practicality of dressing up a little boy in anything fancy is nil, but they certainly look great all decked out and certain occasions lend themselves to wearing fancy attire (even if they are, as co-founder Jonathan Perl describes, simultaneously eating a crayon).  The company was started by by two men who had worked at hedge funds lost their jobs in during the recession.  You can find their clothes in 500 stores world-wide, including Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's and FAO Schwarz.  All images credit to Andy & Evan via Neiman Marcus.


Costumes for Kiddos

Aren't these dresses from Wild Things Dresses the cutest?  It seems to me that they'd work well for both Halloween and for just an adorable outfit to wear year-round!  Thanks to L for sharing these with me - wish they came in my size so I could solve my Halloween costume dilemma.  Oh - and while most of the items for sale are for girls, there is a cute pair of brown bear dungaree overalls for boys!  All images credit to Wild Things Dresses


Gap Seed Co.

To some, it probably seems weird to dress your child like a fruit or vegetable, but I think the Gap Seed Co. line for kiddos is adorable.  Last year it seemed that animal ears were all the rage... perhaps this year it will be produce!  All images credit to Gap.


Toygaroo Online Toy Rental

Image courtesy of ToygarooI'm not a parent, but yesterday Rob told me about what seems like an amazing company - Toygaroo!  Toygaroo offers an online toy rental system (similar to what Plum Baby Clothes offers for kid's clothes) whereby you add toys to your wishlist online and every other month you receive a certain number of toys based on your subscription package (details about packages here).  When your kids tire of the toys, you return them to Toygaroo and receive new toys.  There is a whole section about the sanitization process used by the company, which is obviously a concern.

You can watch an NBC news story about Toygaroo here.  There is also a video on the website that highlights another great use of this service - you can have a box of your child's favorite toys delivered directly to your vacation destination so that the toys await you upon arrival (and you don't have to tote them on the airplane).  Have any of you tried Toygaroo?