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Fawnsberg Paper Goods & Stamps

Fawnsberg, a company started by two sisters who fell in love with beautiful stationery when writing letters to one another at summer camp, creates notecards and writing sheet sets with gorgeous designs and calligraphy.  I was led to Fawnsbery via Olive Box where the "I often think of you" writing sheet set caught my eye - what a lovely sentiment!  Also, I adore those return address rubber stamps. Wouldn't they make a great housewarming present?  All images credit to Fawnsberg.



If you've been in a retail store lately, you've probably noticed that Christmas decorations and ornaments have appeared.  Christmas?  I am not ready.  However, those decorations crept into my psyche and started me thinking about holiday gift giving.  I'm currently intrigued by OliveBox, which describes itself as a monthly subscription for paper lovers.  You can subscribe to OliveBox for one, three, six, or twelve months.  During a month you are subscribed, you'll receive a box of paper goods from various vendors - the box won't just include stationery, but also stickers, labels, bags, inspiring books and magazines, and home decor.   Wouldn't it be fun to send someone a box of paper goodies in the mail to surprise them each month?  One of my friends will receive her first box in November and I look forward to hearing her feedback.  All images credit to OliveBox.


Paper-Source is Coming to Denver!

When we left Boston, I made one last trip to Paper-Source and embarrassed myself by offering my business card to the manager and asking her to please let me know if/when they finally launched a store in Denver because I wanted to work there (or at least know).  Clearly they didn't think I was cut out to be an employee (or they were terrified by my love of their store OR Rob paid them not to contact me because I would spend every paycheck before I even received it) because they didn't contact me... but I'll forgive them because Denver is getting a Paper-Source.

Yes, I know you can order Paper-Source products online, but it is just not the same thing.  I love their workshops and perusing the gorgeous paper goods, wrapping paper, and rubber stamps.  Thank you so much to J for letting me know about this.  The store will be located in Cherry Creek North and is slated to open in September.   


Yellow Owl Workshop

One of my favorite sources for funky, unique rubber stamps and stationery is Yellow Owl Workshop out of San Francisco. Their style is a bit different than what I normally go for - I'd describe it as hip (not a word I'd ever use to describe myself) - but I've made some great cards with their stamps. I've had my eye on their new holiday stamps (love the pinecone and the mistletoe), and they (and other products) are conveniently on sale at a discounted price today at Check it out!

All image credits to Yellow Owl Workshop