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Father's Day Cards

Why is it that most father's day cards tend to have something to do with work?  There's a tie... or a briefcase... or a man wearing a tie with a briefcase.  If you're lucky, you might find one with something to do with grilling.  Is that what Dads do?  Work and grill?  I've tried to find a few cards that have fun messages or have to do with some other interest your father might have so that you don't have to remind him that on the day after father's day, he has to go back to work.  Have you picked up a great father's day card yet?  If so, where is it from?  I'd love to know.

All images credited as linked.


Nourishing Notes

I first posted about Nourishing Notes back in 2011 (a post I just deleted because all of the links are outdated), when they had an Etsy storefront and a much smaller collection of cards.  Sweet Ali just sent me a package containing a variety pack of Foodie Notecards that I love, so I checked out the company's website.  They create "paper goods for the food obsessed" and have expanded into kitchen towels, aprons, totes, and prints, as well as a broader selection of witty, food-related stationery.  The company is run by an adorable duo out of Chicago.  Check them out!  I've included a few of my favorites below.  I love that dish towel, although that leaving the dirty dishes for tomorrow is something I find impossible to do... can you do that?  To me, the dishes are just harder to do the next day and it stresses me out to know they are waiting for me in the morning.

All images credit to Nourishing Notes.


Odd Daughter Paper Co.

Hello?  Are you still there?  It's been five months since I last posted.  Winter happened (well, it is still happening here - we are getting snow today) and much, much more.  I want to share (and I will), but when I'm ready.  And I'm not ready yet.

That doesn't mean I haven't been scoping out cute stationery in the past few months (scoping only, Rob, not buying).  I recently discovered Old Daughter Paper Co. and would have ordered one of each of their cards had I not made a deal with myself to use of stationery I already own in 2014 rather than buying new cards.  We'll see how long I hold out... I particularly love the Ice Cream (so true - lately life has demanded ice cream) and Oregon Trail cards.  

All images credit to Old Daughter Paper Co.


Felt App 

Since I post about stationery that I love almost weekly, it won't come as a surprise that I keep a stash of stationery (organized by occasion) around at all times.  That said, I occasionally find myself without the right card for a particular occasion.  In this month's InStyle, I read about Felt, an app for the iPad that allows you to pick from a selection of cards, use your stylus or finger to handwrite your note, and then Felt prints, seals, stamps, and mails your card for $4. I can see this coming in handy for those last-minute cards you need to send, when your traveling, or if you are someone who doesn't keep cards around but still loves to send them.  Has anyone tried Felt?  I'm going to test it out and will report back!


Fat Bunny Press

Another adorable letterpress find out of San Francisco, California!  Fat Bunny Press has some cute designs, particularly for the holidays and if you have a penchant for French Bulldogs (I know the card is for Halloween - if you order now, you'll be prepared for next year).  I love the fossil birthday card - it's perfect for someone with a sense of humor!  All images credit to Fat Bunny Press.