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You've probably already heard of Spoonflower, but in case you haven't they are an online company that allows you to design your own wallpaper, fabric, and now wrapping paper! If the idea of creating your own design is terrifying or daunting, you can select from thousands of designs created by members of the Spoonflower community (Holli Zolinger is my current favorite). I've never ordered the wallpaper or wrapping paper, but I have ordered fabric before and was really pleased with the quality and the print. The website suggests other designs that match or blend with the one you are considering, which is really helpful if you are buying fabric for something like throw pillows.

What got me thinking about Spoonflower is the impending holiday season, which means there will be a need for wrapping paper. I found a few designs that I liked and wanted to share. Has anyone ordered wrapping paper from Spoonflower? Has anyone ever designed anything on Spoonflower? I'm so curious! You can choose between satin and matte and upload your own designs (including kids' drawings or designs, which would be so fun for giving family gifts).

All images credit to Spoonflower.